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Stefan and Thomas ensure that every coffee arrives freshly roasted and safely packaged.

Quality is our top priority. Stefan and Thomas, our experienced roasting masters, ensure that every bean is perfectly roasted and carefully packaged immediately after roasting. This is how we guarantee that you always receive fresh and aromatic coffee. We attach great importance to every single cup and want your coffee experience to be unforgettable. Try our carefully composed coffee blends and enjoy the difference that freshness and dedication make.

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Freshly roasted and hand-packed in Dresden


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How to prepare coffee properly - Barista training and courses for the perfect cup at home

Whether for professional development or out of personal interest, whether you are a beginner or an expert - with the help of our barista training courses you can expand your coffee knowledge and learn the finer points of coffee preparation. Find out more on the website of our partner HOUSE FOR COFFEE!

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