Organically certified coffee beans - for environmentally conscious enjoyment

Organic and sustainable cultivation characterizes certified organic coffee, which is treated with care and environmental awareness from the cultivation phase to the roasting. Instead of monocultures, mixed cultures are used, manual work replaces industrial harvesting methods, and environmentally friendly practices are preferred. Nature provides the basis for quality, with fertile soil, shade-giving flora and pest-reducing fauna. Fertilizers and genetic engineering have no place here. It's about the passion for good coffee from organically certified sources and traditional roasting.

What does the EU organic label mean?

The organic seal is a uniform identification mark and makes it easier for consumers to choose organic foods. These foods are subject to strict conditions during production, processing, transport and storage.

The EU organic seal guarantees that at least 95% of the goods consist of organic ingredients and that all other conditions for import are met.

We have the EU organic seal and meet the standards for trading organic products in Germany in the area of ​​coffee and tea.

Is the harvest a quality factor?

High-quality organic coffee is harvested exclusively by hand. This ensures that no unripe or damaged beans get into the harvest and affect the quality of the coffee. Experienced harvesters check and pick each coffee cherry with a trained eye. Every processing step aims to maintain the quality, not improve it.