We are very interested in packaging, which is why we as founders have looked into the topic of packaging in depth. Coffee bags must have specific properties to protect the coffee from UV rays and oxygen - a protective barrier is essential here.

Our conviction: coffee bags need to be rethought. In the past, packaging often consisted of a mixture of plastic and paper, which required complex separation through chemical processes after use. That's why we rely on monoplastics that can be recycled in the yellow bin. With this decision, we want to actively contribute to improving the recycling rate in Germany. So if you're not just looking for good coffee, but also sustainable packaging, you've come to the right place.

Our packaging highlights:

Recyclable despite complexity

Thanks to a highly innovative inner layer, our packaging provides maximum oxygen protection for your coffee.

Our coffee bags are made of different layers of material, each of which has a unique function and is therefore indispensable. The contents are protected from UV rays and oxygen and have a high moisture barrier. But here's the special thing: all layers are made of the same type of plastic, namely mono-plastic. This uniformity makes them extremely recyclable. This way you can not only enjoy your coffee, but also make a sustainable contribution to protecting the environment.

Plastic and still sustainable - is that possible?

Of course! The packaging materials for our coffee bags consist of a single type of plastic, the so-called mono-plastic. It is more environmentally friendly than conventional "multi-material structures" (e.g. PE/PET), which are difficult to separate in the recycling plant. The result is that these end up in the waste incineration plant.

In the future, you can simply dispose of our coffee bags in the yellow bin.